Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Malware: Bad Sector

Another monster for this week, the Bad Sector.  I am experimenting a bit with sort of a hazard monster rather than a traditional monster.  Sort of along the lines of the Dream Sallow or the Weaponized Meme from Numenera.

-Josiah, A Smart Jack Who Hunts Monsters

Bad Sector 4 (12)

Level: 4
Motive: None
Environment: Unmaintained Clusters
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Movement: Special (See Combat)
Combat: A bad sector is usually hidden at first and strikes unaware. Any program that starts its turn within an immediate distance to the bad sector is subject to a level 6 attack that deals 2 intellect damage.
Any time the bad sector is attacked and is dealt damage, the sector jumps to within an immediate distance from the attacker and makes an attack against the attacker.
Interaction: A bad sector is usually the source of corruption on the disc. Corrupted clusters are hazardous enough as it is, but the sector if repaired can restore functionality to the system.
Use: The PCs are sent on a mission to investigate rumors of corruption in a data warehouse. a few maintenance programs have been picked up glitches and their assignment is the only thing that ties them together.
Loot: Cleaning up a bad sector reveals 2-3 cyphers or 1 artifact.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Malware: Glitch

Just a small creature today, still working on the other foci, hopefully i'll get another one out for next week!

-Josiah, a Twisted Spinner who Wheels and Deals

Glitch 2(6)

Glitches generally are just normal everyday programs that were either created with their schism or were corrupted by other malware. Now they live with the knowledge that if exposed they will be queued up for reformatting.

Level: 2
Motive: Survival
Environment: Anywhere on The Disk
Health: 6
Damage Inflicted: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Defends as a level 4.
Combat: Glitches generally are improvised fighters, but when they have to they are erratic and unpredictable. Due to their corrupted nature, any touch attack inflicts 2 points of might damage upon the attacker when the corruption affects the attacker.
Interaction: Anyone could be a glitch, most hide it well. Normally they interact just like everyone else, but if they are exposed they might become violent.
Use: If a PC causes a disruption in a large group of programs they could be outed. The Glitch might become hostile or try to escape, depending on the PCs disposition towards glitches they might pursue. Glitches are also known to congregate once they have been outed and can be encountered in groups of 3-5.
Loot: A destroyed glitch can leave behind 1 or 2 cyphers, most likely the source of their corruption.