Monday, November 28, 2016

Descriptor: Multithreaded

This week's entry in the Tron-like setting, a descriptor.  It's been posted to G+ before, but I've tweaked it a bit and I think this is close to the finished product.

-Josiah a Derelict Jack who Explores the Dark


You are naturally gifted in getting a lot of things done. People around you might call you distracted, even squirrelly, but you know better. They are just jealous of your abilities.

Quick and Smart:
Add 2 to each your speed and intellect pools.

You take no penalties for distractions, you can always take on another line of thought.

Skill: Your mind is a chaotic place, you are trained in resisting mind effecting abilities because it's hard to understand how you think.

Inability: Your nature makes you hard to relate to, social interactions for you are increased by one step.

Initial link to the starting adventure:
  1. You've felt like your current set of tasks has become routine, and a routine is one step away from automated. You don't want to be automated, so you joined up with the group to find new distractions.
  2. One of the PC's hired you for your skills, though she didn't know how much of a handful it is to keep you on track.
  3. You've recently awoken with this ability and it scares you, you joined up with the group to try and find answers.
  4. One of the PC's rescued you from a data warehouse, you feel obligated to come along on this adventure.

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