Monday, November 21, 2016

Focus: Writes to the command line.

This is the first post in a series for a Tron-like setting. If you like it, let me know!

-Josiah: A Twisted Spinner who Plays hard to get.

Writes to the Command Line

Most programs and users are unaware of the hidden interface that underlies the entire world. But you have access to this secret way into the system.

Now with these skills you are often sought after to fix issues, some of them are legitimate, correcting corrupted code, or running queries for people. But often these jobs might be illegal, stealing encryption keys, corrupting systems, assassinating programs, etc. Life is an adventure for you because you can see the command line.

Connection: If this is your starting focus, choose one of the following connections.

  1. Choose another PC. Her code has a unique flavor to it and as long as you are within a long distance of her, you know where she is.
  2. Choose another PC. He has an unrecognized potential for breaking into systems. You want to figure out if this is innate or a learned skill.
  3. Choose another PC. She has need of your abilities, perhaps she owes bits to someone, maybe she just needs to erase her past. Whether or not you can do this remains unknown.
  4. Choose another PC. He has access to a program you want to meet. But this program is very secretive and this PC is uncomfortable to give out the information.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You regain a number of intellect points equal to your tier + 1.

Major Effect Suggestion: You are able to create or use one of your console actions in addition to your current action.

Suggested GM Intrusion: Your console fizzles out, have you been hacked? Did the firewall kill your connection?

Tier 1
Console Access (1 Intellect Point). You have access to the console wherever you go, all you need is a flat surface about the size of your palm. This gives you access to objects or creatures within an immediate distance. This doesn't give you control of these things, but rather just access to their labels and any unencrypted actions it may have. Example: Opening an unlocked door, turning on a screen, etc... You may attempt encrypted actions but the difficulty is determined by the GM. Action.

Tier 2
GREP (2 intellect Points). You send a query searching for a pattern and will receive results back on objects of creatures within your consoles range. For example, you can search: "All level 3 creatures", "Object type: weapon", "Doors".
The GM may require a roll depending on the level of encryption of the information. Action

Tier 3
Improved Console (3 Intellect Points). You can create an improved version of your basic console, the abilities remain the same except now the range is increased to short.  Action

1337 Skillz. Choose one of the following skills that you have no training in to become trained with: Hacking, Data Mining, or Programming. Enabler

Tier 4
Format (4 intellect points). You can make an attack against any creature or object within reach of your console. On a success, you deal 6 points of damage. In addition, if the target is a creature and is unaware of you this attack will ignore armor.
If you destroy a creature with this attack, you can instead recreate it with a neutral disposition to you.  Action

Tier 5
Superior Console (6 Intellect Points). You can create a superior version of your basic console, the abilities remain the same except now the range is increased to long. Action

1337 Hax. Choose one of the following skills even if you have training in it to become trained or specialized with: Hacking, Data Mining, or Programming. Enabler

Tier 6
CRON (3+ Intellect Points). You are able to set up a schedule for one of your abilities paying the full cost of the ability plus this one. This ability can be attached to a Location, Object, or Creature within the range of your console. In addition, it can be set to activate on either a timed basis or when a specific event trigger. Action


  1. Great start! Two thoughts:

    Instead of 12 points of damage for unexpected (which seems high) maybe ignores armor for unexpected.

    Also, does the ability to affect (damage) objects possibly trigger alerts in the system? (i.e. if you start bashing down a reinforced door, etc.)

    1. to answer your question about the alerts, I'd say yes. In the setting document I have ideas about dealing with encrypted things and setting off alerts.

      As for the damage, I was thinking this could be used to defeate a single level 1-4 enemy, sort of like in Tron LEgacy where Flynn reprograms the soldier he caught unawares. But perhaps it's a little too much.

      I like the idea of 6 damage and then ignores armor.

      What do you think of the tag about being reprogrammed if your are defeated by this attack?

    2. For a Tron-centric recursion or game, I'd say it's very appropriate, especially with it being neutral to you, not favorable.
      "Don't mind me, I'm just over here reprogramming the MCP"
      "No problem, mate--do what ya gotta."